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Take Action!!

There are several things that YOU can do to help in this issue. Below are some tools and suggestions that we can all use and do as individuals.

Make a Tax Deductible Donation to CASS!


Volunteer and join a CASS Action Team!


Join the CASS Rapid Response Team!





It's not an either/or situation. Sign them both!!

Sign new petition to stop all aerial spraying over citizens in every situation. (printable version)

Sign petition "to stop fumigation of citizens without their consent in California".


Write a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger!

- Sample letter:  Pdf file | Word doc file
- Talking points:  Pdf file | Word doc file

Call the CDFA and tell them what you think!
CDFA Hotline: 1-800-491-1899 ext. #6, then press zero to get a live person who will record your complaint.

Write a letter to Congressman Sam Farr!
- Talking points, sample letter: Pdf file | Word doc file

Contact California's Attorney General!
- Website with contact info

Write letters "To The Editor" of all your local newspapers and publications!


Help educate your friends, family, neighbors and the general public. Print the flyers below and pass them out!

Download CASS' Tri-fold Flyer

Educate yourself and others on the Light Brown Apple Moth: "LBAM 101"

"Are You Aware?" & "What Can I Do?" flyer (2-sides):
- Pdf file | Word doc file

Full color flyer (1-side):

- Pdf file

Information flyer (1-side):
- Pdf file | Word doc file


Ground Spraying Fact Sheet (1-side):

- Pdf file | Word doc file

Frequently Asked Questions flyer (2-sides) - written by
- Pdf file



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