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Funded by Homeland Security through the USDA, the California Department of Agriculture has expressed their intention to invade private property, with or without permission, to spray toxic pesticides (BT, Permethrin, Spinosad) for the Light Brown Apple Moth. This is in addition to the aerial spraying. The moth has so far caused zero crop damage in the entire state, and is being managed easily and safely in New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii where it has been for over a century. In case the CDFA actually attempts to follow through with this unconstitutional invasion, as they have indicated they would, volunteers will be invited to create a rapid response "media event".

Those interested will gather at the proposed site of violation with video cameras, signs, Don't the Spray Me T-shirts, noisemakers, bullhorns for narrating the event, American and California state flags to represent our constitutional rights, infant dolls and stuffed animals - both with gasmasks to represent our poisoned children and pets, etc.

Local, State and National media (TV, Radio, Print and Internet) will be immediately notified and invited.

Please make sure you sign up to the Rapid Response Team for notification so that we have the best chance of letting you know in time for you to participate and to notify your friends.



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