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Our Campaign Platform:

The Mission of The California Alliance to Stop the Spray (CASS) is to provide an organizational vehicle by which residents of the state protect their unalienable rights to safety and privacy, and to not have their persons or property, including public areas, sprayed with chemicals or any other substance, without consent.

Therefore, CASS would support a platform to ally organizations that reflects this mission. So we would suggest the following:

(Protection of Rights and Safety)


Re-affirms individual sovereignty and unalienable rights to private property and safety as institutionalized in both the California and United States Constitutions, and

Reaffirms the California State Regulation and the Nuremberg Code that prohibit Medical Experiment on Humans without their Informed Consent and Reaffirms as such:
1) Opposes the State and Federal program of aerial spraying for LBAM except on private agricultural lands as requested by the owner.

2) Opposes the State and Federal program of pesticide treatment for LBAM on private property except as requested by the owner.

3) Opposes exposure of the public to any substance that has the potential to cause health or environmental hazard, so the burden of proof of safety is with the initiating party, subject to truly independent review and including fair public representation.


Re-affirms the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development which establishes the right to information about environmental toxics to which they may be exposed and to participate in the decision making process, and as such:
4) Demands full disclosure to the public of all ingredients in any pesticide formula to which they might be exposed.



5) Calls for a re-classification of LBAM as an established species and a termination of the “State of Emergency.”

6) Supports healthy agricultural growing practices that are naturally resistant to pests and do not need to rely on a continuous cycle of pesticide use.

7) Supports the type of healthy pest management “best practices” techniques used successfully in New Zealand, should LBAM ever get out of balance and become a problem. In addition to intercropping, these include enhancing natural predators, employing insect growth regulators and trapping.

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