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The California Alliance to Stop the Spray (CASS) consists of organizations, health professionals, and individuals who share the same common goal of opposing the treatment of residential communities with pesticides.

Our collective concern has arisen out of the fact that the light brown apple moth (LBAM) eradication program currently underway in different parts of California utilizes a biochemical pesticide spray that has not undergone formal safety testing by either federal or state agencies, that the spray has never been sprayed on humans before, that the end goal of eradication will likely not be accomplished, and of particular concern, is the lack of an effective adverse effects monitoring system for assessing the potential for adverse human health effects.

CASS provides an organizational vehicle by which residents of the state protect their inalienable rights to safety and privacy, and to not have their persons or property, including public areas, sprayed with chemicals or any other substance.

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CASS is dedicated to stopping the State of California's residential use of pesticides in an attempt to eradicate the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM). CASS opposes this program for the following reasons:

1. The program developed by the state has not been shown to be safe for application to residential populations.

2. The pesticide solution contains synthetic chemical pheromones as active ingredients and numerous potentially toxic compounds as so-called "inactive" compounds.

3. The aerial spraying portion of the program will occur 3-4 days every month for up to 10 years exposing children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and the elderly to continued exposure to unknown concentrations of these potential toxins for extremely long periods of time.

4. The toxicity of this pesticide solution to the environment has not been fully ascertained and many of the ingredients are recognized human, environmental, ecological, and aquatic toxins.

5. The economic justification used by the State of California was based on a completely theorized worse case scenario of LBAM infestation with no basis of substantiation whatsoever.

6. The program includes pesticide treatment of residential yards, parks, and residential streets with highly toxic pyrethroids.



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