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CASS Press Release
January 4, 2008

(Download pdf file)

California Alliance To Stop the Spray (CASS)

For Immediate Release

Contact: Roy Upton California Alliance to Stop the Spray (CASS)

Santa Cruz, California, January 4th, 2008

CALIFORNIA ALLIANCE TO STOP THE SPRAY (CASS) WILL HOLD A PRESS CONFERENCE IN SUPPORT OF THE RELEASE OF TWO GROUND BREAKING PUBLIC HEALTH DOCUMENTS RELATED TO HEALTH EFFECTS FROM RECENT AERIAL SPRAYING FOR THE LIGHT BROWN APPLE MOTH Friday January 4th, 1PM, Santa Cruz City Hall (inside). Presenters include Santa Cruz City Council Members Tony Madrigal and Ed Porter, also report author Mike Lynberg of Concerned Citizens against Aerial Spraying and author Roy Upton of California Alliance to Stop the Spray.

Hundreds of people report health effects heretofore not documented by state and local officials.

Mike Lynberg, will be presenting an executive summary of a 200 page document to the California legislature and all media outlets outlining the reactions of hundreds of people after the aerial spraying of a pesticide by the state in an attempt to eradicate the light brown apple moth.

This report will serve in direct contradiction to the local health department's report of few serious side effects to the spray.

Additionally, the CASS Health Action Team has written a report to communicate to County Health Services about the potential toxicity of LBAM spray ingredients and the need for an effective post-spray adverse effects monitoring system.

The CASS report to County Health Services provides a detailed review of the potential for human toxicity of the pheromone-pesticide spray. Highlighted is the fact the complete solution has never been subjected to formal safety reviews by any state or federal agency and that a large percentage of the adverse effects reported are consistent with the health hazard profile of the pheromone spray ingredients. In light of this, the CASS Health team is calling on County Health Services to recognize the need for a formal postspray adverse effects reporting mechanism to identify potential health hazards of the spraying program.

These reports were collected from a variety of sources including governmental agencies. The reports include testimonies of hundreds of people who reportedly experienced reactions to the aerial spraying.

These essential documents will be emailed on Mon. Jan 7th and hand delivered to our state legislatures in Sacramento by CASS representatives on and Tuesday Jan. 8th for the opening of their session. The documents will also be available at this press conference.

If you would like more information about the reports:
Contact Roy Upton 831-461-6317 or Mike Lynberg 831.238.2084



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