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Creating a Spray Free Planet

July 29, 2011

The Final EIR releasaed February 22, 2010. The CDFA is intending to certify any time after March 4, 2010.

LBAM Program set to resume Spring 2010


Read the CDFA's Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) it falsely concludes that their LBAM eradication program including the aerial spraying that made so many sick and killed so many birds, had no negative impacts. 9/2009

Listen to 8 minute audio of the CDFA's statements about their claims that the program is harmless.

Below is a small sample of all
the great responses to the EIR Draft.


Reports by
Professor Glen Chase

  • Fraud and Deception:
    The CDFA LBAM Eradication Program.

    A Detailed Description of CDFA Management
    strategy Fraud. 2nd Edition, October 9, 2008.

  • LBAM Eradication Program
    A Fraudulent Program


  • LBAM in California
    The True Story:
    Summary & References
    Through June 19, 2008



    State stops aerial pesticide
    spraying over neighborhoods

    A victory for thousands of residents in California. The CDFA announced they will no longer aerial spray urban areas with pesticide to combat LBAM. However, the struggle is not over. If the CDFA has its way, planes will spray the pesticide CheckMate LBAM-F over "agricultural or undeveloped areas only" (areas not accessible by roads). All ground applications will go on as planned but will now include an aerial release of sterile moths. Our work continues, buoyed by this tremendous victory! - 6/19/08


    For breaking news coverage please visit:


    Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) 101

    A comprehensive and accurate overview
    of the Light Brown Apple Moth. Prepared
    by Jeff Rosendale, co-author of the
    recently released New Zealand Report
    on IPM Management of LBAM.


    Thank you to Patrick Wilkinson for creating this informative
    video and for doing so with much needed humor!



    Economic Impacts and Solutions
    Clearing the Air in the CDFA, USDA Pesticide Spray Program On Nine Northern California Counties.
    A Research Summary by the
    CASS Economics Action Team

    Press Release


    Potential Effects on Pollinators and Implications for California Agriculture
    A summary report prepared by Daniel Harder Ph.D., Department of Evolutionary Biology, UCSC; Roy Upton; and Thomas Dadant.


    Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) Eradication Program: Post Spray Effects on Animals and Pets - A summary report prepared by Roy Upton, LBAM Liaison, Citizens For Health


    Recent Court Ruling Analysis:

    The ruling by Judge Paul Burdick was a good ruling based on sound reasoning and law. Anytime a judge rules in our favor we have something to celebrate. The thing to keep in mind is that this only applies to Santa Cruz County, and for how long, we don't know. The judge does not have jurisdiction in other counties, so each county can still be sprayed. We do know that at some point the EIR will be done, even if not honestly, and we will be right back where we started.

    The City and County of Santa Cruz filed this suit, and passed the resolutions to stop the spray in response to the huge and collective community outcry - which is where CASS came in. CASS, which was formed in the early stages of this CDFA program, resolved to organize a grass roots campaign to halt this program permanently. We started by forming action teams where individuals with particular skills and passions could put their resources together to make change. We came up with 12 different areas that we believed were necessary to focus on to stop this thing. (legislative, economic, media, outreach, etc.) We enrolled local government in taking legal action, but we knew from the start that this suit, if successful, would only be temporary because of the cause of action the City and County of Santa Cruz chose.

    Happy Day!

    - Zelda Tallman
    (Legal Counsel for CASS)


    Download CASS' Tri-fold Flyer


    CASS is dedicated to stopping the State of California's residential use of pesticides in an attempt to eradicate the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM). CASS opposes this program for the following reasons:

    1. The program developed by the state has not been shown to be safe for application to residential populations.

    2. The pesticide solution contains synthetic chemical pheromones as active ingredients and numerous potentially toxic compounds as so-called "inactive" compounds.

    3. The aerial spraying portion of the program will occur 3-4 days every month for up to 10 years exposing children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and the elderly to continued exposure to unknown concentrations of these potential toxins for extremely long periods of time.

    4. The toxicity of this pesticide solution to the environment has not been fully ascertained and many of the ingredients are recognized human, environmental, ecological, and aquatic toxins.

    5. The economic justification used by the State of California was based on a completely theorized worse case scenario of LBAM infestation with no basis of substantiation whatsoever.

    6. The program includes pesticide treatment of residential yards, parks, and residential streets with highly toxic pyrethroids.


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